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Wendy’s 7 Step Process

7 stones


One of the top questions asked is regarding the process used to instill lasting change. The steps, while simple, are the outline for a deeper process. One that will help team members create a culture that is productive and drives to a common vision of success.

Step 1. Assess

Identify the gaps in communication, known challenges and blind spots. A full assessment is needed to determine the true current state. A benchmark for your current state will be created.

Step 2. Visualize

The desired future of your team or organization will be developed. Define the impacts of remaining in the current state as well as the benefits of moving to the desired state. Only once this rationale is fully embraced may true, long lasting change occur.

Step 3. Compare

The market is reviewed to benchmark your team against other teams, your organization against competitors, and the current state against the desired state. The goal and the desired state are defined. 

Step 4. Commit

Acknowledgment that the old or current state no longer serves the highest interest of the individual or organization. Commitment to change. This includes the areas, order, and speed of implementation.

Step 5. Plan 

A strategy of executing the move from the current state to the desired state. Departmental or group functions may need adjustment to complete the transition, and follow through on your commitment to change. 

Step 6. Execute the plan 

Armed with the resources for change you will be able to execute this plan to ensure that all goals are met.

Step 7. Reevaluate and Adjust 

Change is a challenge, and while you may believe that you are properly executing the plan, a reevaluation will be needed to identify areas where additional resources are needed. This will ensure that adjustments may be made at a time where your goals are still attainable.

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