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The Leadership Circle Profile

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Putting Together the Missing Pieces to Your Success

A 360 Degree Profile Breakthrough

This revolutionary profile is the first to connect behavior with the underlying motivations behind them. In short, it helps you understand your leadership style and the reasons you show up the way you do. Integrating creative competencies with reactive tendencies allows for key opportunities for development to rise to the surface. The revelation provides insight into how a leader’s habits of thought translate into productive or unproductive styles of leadership.

Measuring Creative Competencies vs Reactive Leadership Styles

Creative competencies contribute to a leader’s effectiveness and overall business performance. On the other side of the equation are the self-limiting reactive tendencies and leadership behaviors. Understanding each individually, as well as how they work together, is key to unlocking an acceleration towards growth.

Executive & Management Surveys

Measuring 29 dimensions of your leadership behavior patterns. After your assessments are complete you will see how your leadership style can be adjusted to perform at optimum efficiency.

Measured Dimensions Include:
Reactive-Creative Scale
Relationship-Task Balance
Leadership Potential Utilization
Leadership Effectiveness

Executives, peers, direct reports and others complete assessments, giving a rounded point of view. Then other position related details are configured and combined to determine where gaps in leadership potential exist. Your creative competencies measure how you achieve results. This includes your ability to bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organizational systems. Reactive tendencies are the leadership styles limiting your productivity. These reflect inner beliefs and assumptions that limit effectiveness, authentic expression, and empowering leadership.

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For anyone driven to improve any aspect of their lives, allow Wendy the opportunity to coach you with sustainable, life-changing breakthroughs.

Anthony O., Henderson, Nevada

Reaching your maximum potential is within your abilities. Professional athletes, politicians and successful leaders know that having a coach can help you reach beyond your capabilities. Not only will Wendy help you to achieve your initial results, but continually push you to be your best.

The Secret Sauce

As a leader it is the bottom line that is ever present in the front of mind. Finding that “secret sauce” to decreasing costs, motivating your teams to perform at their best, and to maximize your potential are all great reasons to seek a professional like Wendy. Her methods are tried and true, and her database ever growing, giving you the best framework and recipe for success.

The 4 Quadrants of the Leadership Circle Profile

Creative Competencies, Reactive Tendencies, Relationship Behaviors, and Task Engagement blend together to help decipher your unique language, and how you can make lasting changes that put you on a path to success. Unlike other quadrant exercises, the way that your creative and reactive profiles blend together are precise, in-depth, and allow for immediate breakthroughs for your success.

What to Expect?

This uniquely insightful approach will leave you with a sense of accomplishment. You will be able to make the changes to your leadership style that are limiting your development and growth. During your debriefing you will discuss the following:

  • Define your role and place in the organization
  • Review qualitative feedback
  • Review your Leadership Circle Profile graph
  • Discuss opportunities for growth
  • Identify your “One Big Thing” goal

Invest in Yourself. Invest in Your Business. Amplify Your Results.

Unlock the secrets to become a more effective leader. Increase your revenues by motivating your team. Recruit and retain the top talent you want. Finally, the missing elements in your organization will be at your fingertips. Your potential for success will amplify as a result of the time and energy you invest in your future.

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