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The Leadership Circle Approach


Changing Your Perspective Changes Everything

Successful business owners, executives, and team leaders know that in order to achieve the greatest success, they need perspective and the ability to navigate and execute masterfully. Partnering with Wendy, who has been coaching business owners and executives for 20+ years, and is a Certified Practitioner of the Leadership Circle provides that insight and direction.


The Leadership Circle Profile

The first step in becoming the most effective leader possible. This one 360° profile assessment connects patterns of action with habits of thought. LCP helps leaders connect what is working, what is not. The data revealed from this single assessment will create a platform for lasting change at a higher level.

Unique • Insightful • Actionable

LCP is a truly unique assessment, revealing on multiple levels how actions, thoughts and leadership styles tie into productivity. No other assessment is as complete and effective.

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The Collective Leadership Assessment™

This one survey reveals the limitations within your organization’s culture, prohibiting efficiencies and immediately establishes a compelling rationale for change. Seamlessly working with the Leadership Circle Profile, this powerful survey provides detailed, in-depth feedback specifically identifying needed changes and opportunities for leadership development. It doesn’t stop there.

This assessment dissects cultural challenges and correlates them to leadership behaviors. Next, it identifies how that behavior impacts culture. Through these activities, specific changes are identified. The user-friendly surveys tap into the ever-growing norm base, allowing your organization to see how it stacks up against the competition. Finding your weak points, and correcting them, has never been easier.


Effective, collective leadership is your one competitive and strategic advantage that no one can copy.

~Dave Schrader, PhD

Invest. Accelerate. Grow.

The Leadership Circle Approach includes the Leadership Circle 360º Assessment and the Collective Leadership Assessment™. Using powerful, proven methods allows for lasting change. Integrating the key opportunities for development, connecting patterns of action with a compelling rationale for change. Your investment today will allow for an acceleration in growth for the future.

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