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Coaching ilustration - Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Wendy Preyssler is one of the top Master Certified Coaches in the world. Her unparalleled experience guides and assists her clients in turning their goals into achievements.

These are just some of the programs Wendy offers:

One on One Individual Coaching

When a professional or entrepreneur finds themselves stuck in their career or business, they call Wendy Preyssler. Wendy’s decades of professional experience and proven methods allow her to help people make a real difference in their careers.

Team Coaching

Team success is the result of good communication, trust, and clear, consistent leadership. Too often, teams struggle with these areas. The team’s efforts are hampered as if they are rowing against the current. Wendy works with teams to understand where they are and the gaps that are inhibiting success.

Coaching Organizations

Managing an organization can be one of the most difficult challenges in business. A strong culture means that the group will provide better products and services to customers. Wendy uses time tested tools to assess an organization and chart a course toward a cohesive, successful culture.

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