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Collective Leadership Assessment

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A Compelling Reason for Lasting Change

Controlling Corporate Culture Cuts Costs

Used for your entire organization, the Collective Leadership Assessment reveals valuable data, providing insights about your team and business, ushering lasting change. By assessing where your culture is currently, and where you want it to, the culture “gap” is easily identified. This web based, user friendly tool allows for insights into your culture as influenced by collective leadership.

Teams, Groups, Organizations

This assessments for individuals, and leaders throughout your organization provide the most insightful results, allowing lasting change.

  • Organization Culture
  • Business Unit Culture
  • Team Culture
  • Functional Roles

Measuring 31 Dimensions of Culture

Every organization operates slightly differently, due to the culture inside your team, your business unit and your entire organization. The Collective Leadership Assessment consists of 62 question online survey, answered once for how things are and once for how you would like them to be, to identify culture gaps. Similar to the Leadership Circle Assessment, the 31 dimensions of the Culture Survey is made up of 8 Summary Categories, 5 of which are Creative, 3 of which are Reactive, which measure the overall health of the organization.

Take the Collective Leadership Assessment

Free Culture Survey

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
    When assigning tasks, I consider people's skills and interests. When assigning tasks, I consider people's skills and interests.
    I expect my people to work harder than I do.
    I doubt myself and my ability to succeed.
    I Expect nothing less than top-notch results from people.
    I am highly motivated because I know I have what it takes to succeed.
    Time spent worrying about team morale is time that's wasted.
    When someone is upset, I try to understand how he or she is feeling.
    When circumstances change I can struggle to know what to do.
    I get upset and worried quite often in the workplace.
    My actions show people what I want from them.
    I enjoy planning for the future.
    I feel threatened when someone criticizes me.
    I'm optimistic about life, and I can see beyond temporary setbacks and problems.
    I think that teams perform best when individuals keep doing the same tasks and perfecting them, instead of learning new skills and challenging themselves.
    I lead by example.
    I think a coach could help my team be more productive and efficient, by helping me be a better leader.

Upon completion your results will be compiled, and if you are a good candidate for this program, a representative will contact you regarding next steps.

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