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Please rate your satisfaction in the following areas, where Ø is extremely dissatisfied and 10 is extremely satisfied.


1. Sense of Fulfillment 012345678910
2. Achievements 012345678910
3. Relationships 012345678910
4. Environment 012345678910


1. Financial 012345678910
2. Physical 012345678910
3. Mental 012345678910
4. Emotional 012345678910
5. Personal Growth 012345678910
6. Friendships 012345678910
7. Fun and Recreation 012345678910


1. Family Relationships 012345678910
2. Romantic Relationship 012345678910
3. Home Environment 012345678910


1. Follow through on what you say you’ll do 012345678910
2. Satisfaction 012345678910
3. Inspiration/Motivation regarding the Future 012345678910
4. Accomplishments 012345678910

Which of the above areas are you most interested in and willing to impact?

If this were your dream life, what would you create in these areas?

What have been your greatest achievements to date?

What are your most immediate concerns?

What are your primary commitments in life?

What are your biggest challenges in life?

What is/are your dominant mood(s)?

What are the future possibilities you would like to bring about?

What is stopping you from achieving your goals and commitments?

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