Alberto Saab

Real Estate Team Leader
The Saab Team

“Wendy supported me to balance my work and personal life and improve every aspect of my life.”

Michelle Beck

Chief Development Officer
Three Square

“Wendy helped to guide me on my own journey of leadership. Her thoughtful questions helped me to create pathways for achieving success.”

Roger Perry

Immersive Art Space

“Wendy transformed my approach toward goal attainment and self compassion resulting in achievements far larger than I had anticipated.”

Dani Bald, Owner

Create Luck Realty
Design and Lifestyle, LLC

“Wendy’s guidance and direction has allowed me to find an inner confidence I never had before.”

Marty C.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I never dreamed that I would need a coach; certainly I could figure out my life’s path on my own. I am glad that I took a friend’s advice that a personal coach—a disinterested party—could provide the insight I would need. Without Wendy’s guidance and gentle prodding, my life in retirement would take its course in an entirely different direction. She was always far more prepared than I was, continually had my interest at heart, and listened when I needed an encouraging ear. She asked the tough questions, for nothing done easily is worth having. Not once did I ever see myself having my own business. Wendy allowed me to see that possibility.

Hans N.

Mound, MN

Dedicated, Elevated, Supportive. These three words best describe Wendy as my career coach. From the very first moment we started chatting till the end she was DEDICATED to helping me reach my goals. She kept an ELEVATED perspective as I went through my day to day and through out our Skype chats. She was able to see things that maybe I was not aware of or noticed. This helped greatly in expanding my thought process. Through every decision I made, every goal I achieved she was always there with a SUPPORTIVE coaching style. In 7 months I found my dream job, moved to an incredible city, proposed to my girlfriend and have started a lucrative financial journey. All of this because Wendy helped me find my true potential. I loved the method of creating practice areas and holding me accountable. It kept me in check and kept reminding me of me and what I want and what I am striving for. We all need a little help here and there as we find our way through this rat race we call life. Wendy was that help for me. Could not be happier.

Dani B.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I first came to Wendy I had this indescribable knot in the pit of my stomach. I was constantly on edge and lashing out at those closest to me. I knew that I wanted “change” but I didn’t know what that meant. Wendy lead me to my “essence” and taught me how to be authentic with myself and those around me. Wendy didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but I could always count on her to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. Her guidance and direction has allowed me to find an inner confidence I never had before, and to really open up to those around me. Wendy pushed me out of my comfort zone- and surprisingly, that’s where I “found” myself. Simply put- If you’re ready for change, Wendy is ready for you.

Mike S., Chicago, Illinois

As a Professional Certified Coach, I have had the privilege of working with Wendy for the last year. To say she is a professional coach who operates with the utmost integrity, highest ethics, and superb level of responsibility goes without saying.

And yes, Wendy is a results producer, she is a stand that you win at your projects and everything you take on in life. From that perspective, I think that puts her in the upper echelon of professional coaches.

What makes Wendy truly unique, what puts her at the top, what makes her utterly spectacular, is the grace, heart, and love with which she does it. And what I love most, it takes a few conversations with her, to actually get the limitless levels of grace, heart, and love she possesses and the authenticity with which she carries herself. Simply put, and I know it is so over said these days, Wendy is amazing.

Should you hire Wendy? Absolutely! In fact, the real answer is how grateful you should be to have someone like her, enter your life. I know I am. Thank you for this opportunity.

Jerry W.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was at a crossroad in my life, straddling the fence between the entrepreneurial and employee world. I was also straddling the fence of fear and the unknown. I needed direction and someone to guide me so I didn’t stray from my path again.

When Wendy and I first met, we discussed a business idea that I had placed “on the shelf”. During our initial session I realized that I was unable to focus on one particular idea. I would work an idea and when it didn’t produce the results, I would move on to another idea. I wasn’t aware that “I” needed to be patient and allow the change to manifest. Wendy not only helped me stay on track with “an idea” but she supported me in developing a plan and timeline to accomplish the milestones.

After a few sessions of breaking old habits and beliefs, I eventually realized that I needed to make the change in myself which led to a better me. I was able to believe and know that I had the capability within me to better my own life and take the necessary actions to fulfill my destiny.

I took responsibility for myself and took immediate action. I’m creating the life I was meant to live and becoming the person I was meant to be. I see my purpose in life and no longer straddle the fence of change or fear. I am truly grateful for Wendy sticking with me and showing me that if I give up on myself then I give up on life and fulfilling my purpose. I pray that God grants me wisdom and understanding each day and that my essence flows through me and my essence is me.

Wendy, I would like to thank you for being there and guiding me down the right path. You have enlightened me and opened my mind to many possibilities and I remain accountable for my actions by me, Sheena and by God.

Thank you Wendy for awaking me to life.

Founder, LoversOfWhisky.com

Ali S.

San Diego, California

Wendy helped me to understand the ways in which I was standing in my own way. She is honest and says what is needed, not what is expected.

I always felt that Wendy understood me, my goals, and my challenges. In each session, my experience was that she was completely present with me & I felt that I could trust her implicitly. Wendy introduced me to new ideas, concepts and tools, that made a profound difference for me.​

As a result of our coaching, I have come to realize that I am the one who controls my life! Wendy is wonderful, just the way she is and I appreciate everything she is!

Sheena W.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a different kind of testimonial as it comes from somebody who has not personally used Wendy’s coaching services but it comes from the relieved and happy wife of one of Wendy’s clients.

My husband had some amazing ideas and some very grand plans. I had heard all about these amazing ideas and very grand plans for at least the last five years – in detail, many times, over and over again. There may have been some difference to the grand plan around years 3-4, but essentially, it was the same old, same old and I knew when to agree, nod at the right part of the recitation of the ideas and smile indulgently. Nothing was ever accomplished and, to be perfectly frank, I had lost any expectation of anything ever happening.

Thankfully, my husband was referred to Wendy and took advantage of her offer to have an initial consultation. Finally, something different was happening! He signed up with Wendy and started to have weekly coaching sessions with her and as if by magic, he started to follow through on the amazing ideas and grand plans! He is focused and has learned that he does not, and should not, have to do this all by himself. He has started to see what was holding him back and has overcome many real and imagined barriers. He is much happier in life in general and is excited about his future – our future. It has not always been a comfortable experience, but what is the point of facing your fears if there is not an element of soul searching and the realization that you could have been wrong or misled by your own feelings? The grand plan has become something concrete and tangible and is leading to what could be a second career.

Wendy has been a godsend and I am extremely appreciative of her coaching and her ability to get to the root of what needs to change. Our home life is much “lighter” and cheerier these days and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any other spouse who has been forced to become a chief “encourager”, aka nagger!

Stephen B.

Austin, Texas

Wendy has helped me see that I had many goals that I let day-to-day life obscure. My original goal in working with Wendy was to recreate my career. I gave myself 10 months to do so and with Wendy’s support, I accomplished it in under two months!

Lorraine K., Sacramento, California

Wendy has been my coach in transitioning to a new career. Her help in navigating the issues of managing a family and creating a new business has been invaluable. She has introduced me to productivity tools that have been extremely useful. In addition to coaching me to meet my goals, she’s shown me how to look at the underlying reasons for why some assignments are done more quickly than others. And even better, she’s shown me how not be at the mercy of those underlying reasons and how to get to where I want to be rather than mired in extraneous details. Her coaching is always kind, sensitive, intelligent and insightful. She’s extraordinary.

Stephanie J.

Lakewood, Colorado

I have been working with Wendy for a little over 2 months. During this short time, I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible.

Working with Wendy has helped me to make lasting changes in my life. Wendy is supportive, but strong. She keeps me accountable and asks the tough questions when needed, knowing just the right probing questions to get to the heart of the matter.

She’s compassionate, while still pushing me beyond my comfort zone — and that’s where the real change happens. I am so grateful to Wendy for helping me to move my life in the positive direction I seek.

I would recommend working with Wendy to anyone who is committed to making real changes in their lives.

Christine P., San Diego, California

At each call Wendy was fully present and prepared. She was very adept at helping me clarify my goals and her comments were always supportive, insightful and very purposeful in guiding me to find my own answers. She has excellent listening skills, hears what is not said and offers nonjudgmental feedback.

I am happy to say that I made substantial progress on my projects utilizing a variety of tools that she provided. Although Wendy coached me on multiple projects, the one that was most critical for me was launching a business. It was something I’d been working on for several years. With Wendy’s coaching, I had my business up and running in less than 3 months!

However, the greatest gift I received from Wendy’s coaching was the experience of being truly and unconditionally supported and fully and completely heard. An old paradigm has been put to rest and for that I will be forever grateful.

Patty K.

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

I used Coaching By Wendy for a corporate team building day. Wendy took the time to really get know what we were looking for prior to our event. She came to our event prepared and well planned.

Our event exceeded my expectations in every way. As a new team coming together we left the event with a better understanding of each other, our goals and an executable action plan.

Lynda F.

Linwood, MI

Wendy has been my coach for several months and I wouldn’t want to be without her. She is exceptionally talented and I have a basis for comparison since I am a coach myself. On multiple occasions, in a single coaching session, I have experienced breakthroughs in areas I’ve been working on for years! I have worked with other coaches and those areas have come up but I didn’t experience high-level results there until I starting working with Wendy.

Wendy is highly trained and experienced. That combination means clients create amazing results with velocity – you’ll see results in your very first session. I am continually amazed by the great questions she asks. That’s the juice in coaching, asking the great questions that allow the client to learn something about herself she didn’t previously see, to create a new view that jumpstarts forward motion and to make choices in the present moment that are not tied to past hurts, disappointments, failures and problems.

Hire Wendy. You won’t be sorry; in fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it a long time ago!

Anthony O.

Las Vegas, NV

I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Wendy for approximately seven months. The most impactful, process, and results driven seven months of my life. The personal and professional potential that I’ve been able to unlock within myself wouldn’t have been possible without Wendy’s support and focus.

For anyone driven to improve any aspect of their lives, allow Wendy the opportunity to coach you with sustainable, life-changing breakthroughs.

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